We provide agronomic services to a range of horticultural, agricultural and mining enterprises, based on the application of AFS Smart Farming Systems. These services include:

  • Project design and construction.
  • Project operational assistance.
  • Project operating systems including health and safety requirements.
  • Remote based irrigation scheduling including soil moisture status, weather and crop monitoring.
  • Crop production, both quality and quantity.
  • Plant nutrition.
  • Nutrient management for producers of table grapes, citrus, bananas and irrigated pastures for grazing and hay production using both trickle and centre pivot irrigation systems.
  • Financial analysis of production systems including gross margin returns per hay cycle in irrigated crops.

We also provide advice and support to the mining industry through the application of such systems as a water management strategy for below water table mining activities. The management systems provided by us are based on accepted scientific principles and tailored to plant growth requirements according to the results of the agronomic monitoring program. This optimises production, improves profitability and minimises environmental risks associated with irrigation and nutrient management.

Our services include, but are not limited to:


  • Pre-feasibility and planning.
  • Project implementation – greenfield or upgrade.
  • Market and agronomic advice.
  • Irrigation scheduling.
  • Fertiliser and chemigation formulation and application.
  • Regular operational, planning and consultancy services, based on service agreement and IP licensing arrangements.


  • Developing Water Operating Strategies that meet regulatory and Ministerial environmental conditions with respect to dewatering.
  • Reduction in approvals time to production for mine sites.
  • Pre-feasibility studies for potential projects including soil, water, weed surveys and design and construct options.
  • Assisting EPCM companies to develop scopes of works for dewatering projects utilising agricultural water management solutions.
  • Developing and implementing remote telemetry controlled agricultural systems, including all watering, fertilising and irrigation scheduling.
  • Analysis of inputs and outputs for accurate auditing and balancing nutrient cycles for environmental impact including remote telemetry controlled.
  • Monitoring and reporting – onsite services and remote management services.

General Services

  • System design – pivot, laterals, leave-in irrigation systems.
  • Approvals applications – tenure, water, water in mining, environmental and agricultural resource management.
  • Agronomy advice & support, including daily irrigation scheduling and forecasting.
  • Marketing strategies for agricultural produce.
  • Operational management systems & support, tailored to compliment the client’s own systems.
  • Training where needed for client staff.
  • Monitoring and data management for:
    • Agronomy and management purposes.
    • Compliance purposes.
  • Reporting for:
    • Client purposes.
    • Compliance purposes.